Difference between the Wild Child and the Crystal Ship raсks



They look the same, can you please explain the differences?

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I hope this article will help you understand the differences between the two racks and help you make the right choice that meets your needs.


Crystal Ship



(on the right)

This rack is roughly speaking a simplified and lightweight version of the Wild Child rack. It has the same size, but also some installation limitations. This means that you can only adjust the angle of the rack horizontally, using a slider mounted on the fork crown.

The Crystal Ship rack is a rack with :
  • fixed length stays
  • without flashlight mount
  • lower maximum weight (8kg)

Wild Child

Pay attention to the front of the rack Wild Child, it has a flashlight mount (M6), as well as reinforced stays mounts and locks to adjust the height of the racks.
This will help position the rack exactly as you need, taking into account the specific geometry of your bike.

The Wild Child rack is a rack with :
  • adjustable length stays
  • with flashlight mount
  • higher maximum load (12kg)

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