Philosophy of production

In this article I will answer a few questions, and, I hope, our attitude to production will become closer and clearer to you.

Looking at our products, we like to see what we are doing. Perfect welding, raw "production" look of the racks.

To make the "raw" look attractive, you need more effort than for the finished product in any coating or paint, because:

No finishing, which means everything must be done perfectly the first time, with no room for error.

Mistakes in welding are unacceptable because they are detrimental to the beauty of the seam.

Cutting tool errors, metal scratches, and even accidental damage from one rack to another during the production process.

Starting the production of the rack, we process the pipes that come in individual packaging from the factory, each pipe separately.

We make sure that the surfaces of each flat part are not damaged during production by folding them in a special way.

We respect the material with which we work.

Pipe bending is carried out manually; the beginning of each bend is also marked separately with a thin mark. We do not remove this line, because we understand it as a signature, a bridge between the producer and the consumer. Thin connection, the soul of the rack.

About the gap at the junction of the pipe.
The lower part of the connection is not welded, specifically to avoid the need to drill holes for the exit of gases from the pipe during welding, because when the pipe is heated, the gas inside expands and creates pressure, due to which the pipe may burst during welding with the welded spot and splashes will make the rack unsuitable for use and its aesthetic appearance will be irretrievably lost. Also, when drilling a hole, you can scratch the surface, which will lead to the same result.
Thank you for reading to the end, I am grateful to you for this as well as for your attention to our work itself.
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