Courier rack

Was that allowed?

I would like to humbly inform you about a key event in the rack-building.

We should probably start by acknowledging the fact that this is a completely new experience of steering.
With a load of 20 kg (44 lbs), the oscillation, swaying, inertia of the load and the structure itself is completely insensible and literally absent. You can safely load it with up to 40 kg and feel the same comfort as when riding normally.

It's all about a completely new type of design: using sheet material instead of pipes, using stiffening ribs and calculating loads allows you to work wonders. Dimensions similar to 15mm pipe, but...

All the racks steer when turning, making you pay attention to this circumstance and also occupy your head, wondering how it will affect the turn. Especially on bumps or in heavy weather conditions it can be harmful.
This rack makes your fork more rigid and your head more free and you can give yourself over to steering as if you had no rack and no load at all.

Yes, you can ride your buddy on it. Yes, you can put two bags of concrete on it, or an anvil. It's a question of the reliability of your frameset, and the wheel assembly.
It's likely that some of our models will be restyled after this experience.
We will have to split everything into two categories: style and function.

The new rack is not an accessory, it's a tool.

You need a tool for every task, and this is a tool for tasks you were afraid to set yourself before.
Things you thought were risky are now not.
The tasks become doable, and the possibilities are much greater.
It is up to you to decide how you will use your new tool, which we are happy to give you.

Discover new possibilities and experiences with the new Courier rack.