Goat cycles

Glad to announce that you can find the racks in New Zealand!

We have new friends in New Zealand!

Let me introduce you to Goat Cycles

Located in scenic New Zealand, Goat Cycles is the place to quench all your cycling dreams.
Including the fact that you can find the world's best bike racks there - Wild Child & Crystal Ship.

I'm sure we're just at the beginning of our partnership and you'll be able to find more models there as time goes on.

As I am writing this post in a hurry, I will quote what they have written about themselves on their website and I will write a full article for you later.

GOAT CYCLES opened in August 2017 as a workshop focused store, with specialist interest in mountain bikes and bike-packing, and a passion for helping anyone, with any bike.
The shop has quickly grown to house a large range of parts and accessories for mountain biking and bike-packing as well as commuting and general riding. Over the years we’ve refined and added brands to support our customers need for quality parts, helping them on and off the trail.
In our workshop we continue to invest in training and quality specialist tools to service and maintain the ever changing components coming to market. We pride ourselves on high quality repairs as well as being open and approachable to all levels of riders.

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Also of interest, on their website I found a great photographer, a real photography artist, whose work you can see at the link. It's mind blowing!


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