A new word in racks! Preview of the eternal rack for couriers and really heavy loads.

What if the pipes were removed? That question occasionally popped into my mind. But in doing so, several issues wanted to be resolved: weight, a recognizable shape, something completely new, and something too sturdy.
I have a cargo bike (which I'll show you later) on which I constantly carry boxes of iron from the post office and neighboring workshops, and my Wild Child with Plate is not enough for me.

That's how this trunk came about. Its platform is 320 by 240 mm, with 5 rails, monolithic construction for a comparable weight will be my indispensable assistant.

Soon I will write a new article with lots of live photos and some tests:)

And while the CNC laser cut machine is being set up, here are some screenshots of the upcoming conqueror of all cyclists' hearts.

Best wishes, Dany. See you soon!

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