Wild Child

The legendary format of this baby allows you to combine monstrous versatility with a very compact size and weight. The rack is suitable for the installation of baskets and Hyacinth Plate, which increases its size to 270 * 190 mm
Unlike the Crystal Ship, Wild Child has adjustable stays and nuts.

• platform - 19x11 cm
• tombstone - 13 cm

The following mounting options and their combinations are available:
• hole in the crown
• bosses in fork stays or clamps

186% stainless steel. Material is one of the top grades of stainless steel, AISI304. Unlike other steels and aluminum alloys, this material is viscous, which in turn will eliminate unexpected cracks or breakages.

The polymer paint, which is baked in the oven, turning from a monomer to a polymer, forms a solid plastic layer that is thermally soldered to the metal. The texture differs from glossy to deep texture matte. The paint is very mechanically stable and is suitable for use in harsh conditions.

All stainless steel bolts also have an A2-70 strength class.

lwh: 190x110x100 mm

Weight: 375 g

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