What is Hyacinth™?

Hyacinth™ it`s a Ukrainian bike racks company founded in 2016 by people who love cycling. All our racks are handcrafted and made from quality American stainless steel.

Payment information

You can pay with your bank card, Google Pay, and Apple pay,

We accept all currencies. Our payment system will automatically convert it to UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia - the national currency of Ukraine). All bank charges are paid by the buyer.

Shipping information

Hyacinth. cc does not perform shipping and delivery functions. Shipping provides only by government or private shipping companies or organizations.
Shipping cost calculates for every order individually. That's the reason why we didn`t write the shipping cost in the product description or the shopping cart. The shipping cost will be voiced in the invoice, which our manager send to your e-mail after you complete your order.

The shipping cost calculating considering several factors, like:
  • Your country
  • Size and weight of your order
  • Shipping method

Refund policy

All information about the warranty, refund, and our responsibility is displayed in our terms and conditions, you can be read here.

In short: According to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the buyer has the right to exchange goods for a similar one within 14 days * if the purchased goods did not fit in shape, dimensions, style, color, size or for other reasons, and if the presentation, labels and settlement document issued by the seller along with the goods. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

If you want to refund your order, click here.

Custom orders

Hyacinth™ also handles custom orders. The cost of any order sts from USD 40.

We undertake almost any order, however, we can refuse to fulfill the order without explaining the reasons.

If you want to order a custom order, then you can place it here.

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